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Flight from Heartglen by Lupa-Femina Flight from Heartglen by Lupa-Femina
This is part of a series of sequential prints for an aspect of my Cloudsdruff narrative (an ongoing project since childhood). Its getting late so I won't go into too much detail, but basically the human faction of Cloudsdruff had huge issues with sexual abuse among its female populace, possibly influenced by the lingering presence of a fallen dark goddess that was slain near the site of Heartglen, city of the humans. The Goddess of the Wilds and patron goddess of women, Fenjr, was distressed by this abuse and sought to stop it once and for all, gifting the women of Heartglen a small part of her spiritual essence into every soul- a gift that lingers today in the female line. Fenjr being the embodiment of all things wild and master of shapeshifting, this essence allowed the women of Heartglen to take on the form of a wolf, the favoured spirit-animal of Fenjr. They now had a means of defending themselves from abuse and rape and worse things still which I will not go into here. The wolf-gift became a great military asset, and an elite batalion of waririor women called The Wolf Guard were charged with protecting the realm.

Heartglen however became corrupted from within some unseen manipulative force, and though they fought valiantly, the defenders could not hold off the horrible creatures that started pouring into their city from an unknown force. In this image the Wolf Guard is fleeing to find help in the Fyre-elves of the Fyrewoods (I forgot to reverse image when etching, the woods are supposed to be on the right side of the image, and the Delvinian jungles to the left). Much feared are the Fyre-elves, but it is clear to the defeated protectors of the city that they need allies...and the history of slavery and bloodshed between the Delvinians and the humans stayed their approaching the bestial Amazonic race of female warriors to the west. much for keeping it brief. I could rant for hours about my world. :S

It was good to start creating artwork for Uni that could incorporate my story. It is a shame I didn't have time to put the images into a book of sorts, but thankfully i did that for my art-book I got to make for another course. The detailed pen images for that are somewhere on my other computer...I really must upload them since I am very proud of those pictures. Detail takes ages but is well worth the effort.
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December 28, 2012
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